Finance and accounting is the field of accounting about analysis, summary and reporting the transaction of the company in the business. In this, finance refers to the investments and the accounting refers to the process of financial information about the business. Financial is maintained in a company to provide accurate picture and performance of the financial position in the business. Prokorp  provides a perfect Finance and accounting solution that is  spread widely. The primary objective of the prokorp management services is the preparation of financial statements that mainly includes income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement .It calculates financial reporting of the company over for a particular period and also the position at the specific time. Our prokorp management consulting services are mainly aimed at providing instructions to the members outside the organization.  The team members of Finance and accounting are well trained and are experienced to master the financial accounting. Further, we also maintains the management and accounting which helps the managers to decide matters within the organization and also aim at better performance. It is important to point the purpose of finance and accounting in our services is not to report only the company’s value. Its purpose is to provide information to other to determine the values for themselves about the company. We do accounting to the company and the statements that are prepared annually and quarterly. We provide full finance and accounting  including transmission, check processing services, reports to record, etc at a great deal of service with low cost. We also provides the following features,

Finance and Accounting
  • Financial Reports
  • Weekly Reports
  • Open Invoices
  • Unpaid Vendors List
  • Age wise List for Customers
  • Payroll Summary
  • Pay stubs
  • Monthly Reports
  • YTD Income Statements
  • YTD Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation Statement
  • Forecasts
  • Budget vs. Actual Review Reports
  • Yearly Reports
  • Trial Balances
  • Financial Statements
  • Finalization Report
  • Back Up File

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